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About us

Camper EuroGaza is a company specialized in the design, production and installation of car bodies adapted to camperized vehicles and motorhomes.

The combination of innovation and experience during the last 30 years in the transformation of second-phase vehicles have directed our company towards the most demanding and competitive markets both nationally and internationally.

Certificates that guarantee us

ISO 9001: 2015 SGS Certificate

This certification is an integral part of our company’s efforts directed toward the broader goal of sustainable development.

EMC Certified (Electromagnetic Compatibility Certified)

All the electrical installations of our campers do not affect the electronics of the original vehicle.

Compliance with ISO IEC 60364-7-721: 2007

This certificate guarantees low voltage electrical installations.

2-year transformation warranty certificate

We guarantee any defect in the transformation of the vehicles for 2 years. The recently transformed vehicle is covered by commercial guarantees from the start date, during the indicated period and with no mileage limit, except for specific clauses.

Thermoformed ABS anti-bacteria certificate

We guarantee the antibacterial capacity of our thermoformed ABS, which is determined by the power to inhibit the growth of microorganisms and by eliminating some of the microorganisms present in a given habitat (bactericidal and / or fungicidal power).

Competitive advantages

Apart from our standard range, our expertise allows us to offer designs adapted to the consumer's taste.

Interiors produced in thermoformed ABS, a material highly resistant to impacts, with antibacterial and fungicidal characteristics.

We comply with the weight limitations in all international regulations, guaranteeing the best mass ratio on the market.

The malleability of this material allows you to maximize the interior space of any bodywork.

The furniture is made of materials that cause insulation against humidity and any other type of incidence produced by water.

Our technical floors offer greater resistance to use.

Vehicles equipped with the CamBUS system.

All our vehicles are equipped with the CamBUS system. Independent system from the original vehicle electronics, this being a control unit accessible from inside the vehicle to control the water tanks, batteries, lights and general condition of the camper. This system allows you to manage and monitor all electrical equipment, from heating to exterior lights.

Ability to adapt our designs and technology to any international regulations on camper vehicles.

Lower consumption and greater autonomy and efficiency.

Thanks to the efficient design and the materials used, our camper vehicles guarantee minimum fuel consumption.

The installation of solar panels allows an autonomy and a leading consumption efficiency in the market.

The entire electrical installation of our camper is based on LED technology, guaranteeing the lowest consumption in the market.

Solutions for your business

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  • They will be able to contribute the vehicles for their camperization in a minimum time, with their own designs or by adapting those of our engineering team.
  • Maximum vehicle life.
  • Minimum time for disinfection and cleaning of the interiors.
  • Maximum durability of the materials that make up the habitability cabin.
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Large rental fleets

We guarantee:

  • Maximum vehicle life.
  • Minimum time of desifección and cleaning of the interiors.
  • Maximum durability of the materials that make up the habitability cabin.

Customer Support

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